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Introducing B2E – Back to Eden Fruits, Grains, Nuts and Vegetables. Support the BACK TO EDEN GROUP OF COMPANIES WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM of CLUB YELLOW TOPS – The Internet Computer Club of Global Frontiers Institute.

Join us in the online formation of B2EVentures and Group of Companies for the advancement of PROJECT New Philippines Movement for A Better World for Children in the context of APIHEP ONLINE – The Asia Pacific International Health Education Program of Global Frontiers Institute.

Awareness Dissemination
(Entry Programs)

Learn all you need to learn about computers and Internet for excellence in virtual learning and community development. Welcome to Club Yellow Tops – The nInterne Computer Club of Global Frontiers Institute.

Club Yellow Tops is a volunteer organization designed to spearhead Project A.C.E. – The Activation of Club Ezekiel (Children and Youth Ministries Association) and the activation of Club ATOMS – The Association of Tomorrows Outstanding Members of the Society a.k.a. The Nation Builders Training Club of YES CORPS LUZON, VISAYAS, AND MINDANAO – The Nationwide Hiyas ng Barangay Youth Empowerment School and Training Corps of POAGFI ONLINE – The Philippine Outdoor Academy of Global Frontiers Institute.

Involvement Registration
(Annual signature campaign)

Discover, develop and dedicate your talents to the glory of God. Welome to Club Ezekiel – The Friends of Jesus Training Club for Missionary Partners and Care Group Ministries Association of Agape ATOMS – The Associated, Trained, and Organized Missionary Society of Global Frontiers Institute.

The formation of Club Ezekiel in every barangay natonwide is coordinated by certified volunteers and missionary partners of SLA ONLINE – The Streams of Light Academy of Global Frontiers Institute,

Mastery Recognition
(Ingathering of Individual/Corporate Commitment)

Think TAPACAN – The Threefold Action Program Against Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Narcotics. Support the Project TAPACAN Advocacy and Support Organizations Website Development Program of MASTER GUIDES ONLINE – The Master Guide Club and Missionary Society for Church Planting and Community Outreach in distant lands and for growing fruitful disciples to the glory of God.

Thanks to Invested Master Guides, Certified Missionary Partners, Care Group Leaders, Pathfinder Staff and other members of The Pastoral Staff of H4J – The Homes for Jesus Network of Global Frontiers Institute. Thank you for dedicating your talents for the proclamation of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world in this generation.

Learn Web Design

For Total Community Involvement in Health and Wellness Promotion for Lifestyle Enrichment and Human Resource Development


Develop your own brand or the brand of your own company or business corporation.

Think TAPACAN – The

Alcohol, and

Support the Project TAPACAN Internet Volunteer
and Support Organizations Website Development Program
of Club Yellow Tops – The Internet Computer Club of Global Frontiers Institute.

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“No matter who you are, the Lord has blessed you with intellectual faculties capable of vast improvement.” (EGW)


“The cultivation of the intellect need not be prevented by poverty, humble origin or unfavorable surroundings.”” (EGW)


“A resolute purpose, persistent industry and careful economy of time will enable man to acquire knowlege and mental discipline which will qualify him for almost any position of influence and usefulness” (EGW)


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